André Derain

Alternative Name(s): -
Date of Birth: Jun 10, 1880
Place of Birth: Chatou, France
Date of Death: Sep 8, 1954
Focus: Painter, Sculptor
Art movement: Fauvism
Nationality: French

Famous André Derain Artwork

Andr Biography

Andre Derain was a French painter famous for his drastic use of colors and work in the Fauvist movement. He was born on June 10, 1880 and grew up in a town near Paris. In 1898, Derain began attending school in order to become an engineer. However, his career took a different path when he took a painting class with another up-and-coming artist, Henri Matisse.

Derain and Matisse soon began creating art together. Their paintings were brightly colored and displayed strong aspects of Impressionism. This new style was called the Fauvist movement. Today, Derain is still considered to be a key founder of this style.

Two years later, after some success with art shows, Derain was able to expand creatively. He began working in different artistic mediums, including woodcuts and sculpture. In addition, his painting style began to change. Over the next few years, Derain would go through many different styles, including Primitivist, Cubist and Gothic before finally settling on classicism style painting in the 1920s. These works featured more subdued colors and displayed a cleaner, tighter painting technique.

During the 1920s and 1930s, Derain garnered much positive attention from art lovers. He was able to display his work to a worldwide audience. In addition, in 1928, he was awarded the Carnegie Prize. Derain continued to paint until his death in 1954.