Candida Höfer

Alternative Name(s): -
Date of Birth: 1944
Place of Birth: Eberswalde, Germany
Date of Death: -
Focus: Photographer
Art movement: -
Nationality: German

Famous Candida Höfer Artwork

Candida H Biography

Candida Hofer is a German photographer famous for her portrayal of public spaces. It is through her presentation of these spaces, all devoid of human presence, that viewers can see a dramatic connection between the sociology, psychology, and functionality of public spaces.

With the help of her father, a German journalist, Candida Hofer began her professional career as a portrait photographer for local newspapers, then as an assistant for one paper’s on-staff photographer. She moved on to study film and photography at Kuntstakademie Dusseldorf where she was one of the first students to use color in her photos. Under the tutelage of Bernd Becher, Candida Hofer developed the technical perfection she has become known for.

Candida Hofer has exhibited her work worldwide, especially in Europe and the United States. While her tours are usually done solo, she did work with the late Martin Kippenberger at the Venice Biennale in 2003. Her first, and most famous, North American exhibit tour was titled “Architecture of Absence,” a name that fittingly describes her collective works with it’s simple power.