Erich Heckel

Alternative Name(s):
Date of Birth: Jul 31, 1883
Place of Birth: D
Date of Death: Jan 27, 1970
Focus: Painter, Printmaker
Art movement: Die Br
Nationality: German

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Erich Heckel Biography

Erich Heckel was born in the Saxony region of Germany on July 31, 1883. Heckel was a founding member of the German artist group called Die Brucke, meaning “The Bridge” in English. The group was formed in Dresden in 1905 and also included Fritz Bleyl, Otto Mueller and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. The artists of Die Brucke had a major impact on 20th century art and were a major influence on the creation of expressionism.

Heckel, along with other members of Die Brucke, took a keen interest in printmaking as well as painting. Printmaking offered the artists a quicker and less expensive medium to produce art that was both visually engaging and affordable. The Nazi Party declared Heckels work “degenerate” in 1937, confiscating over 700 pieces of his art from various museums and collections and forbidding Heckel from showing his work in public. Heckel produced hundreds of woodcut blocks, plates, etchings and lithographs in his lifetime. Unfortunately, many of these items were destroyed by the Nazi Party.

After the war, Heckel moved to Gaienhofen where he taught art at at the Karlsruhe Academy before retiring and working on his art until his death in 1970. The Brucke Museum in Berlin held a large exhibition celebrating the works of Heckel that opened in October 2004, titled Erich Heckel: His Works in the 20s. The exhibition ran until February of 2005.