Hans Hartung

Alternative Name(s):
Date of Birth: Sep 21, 1904
Place of Birth: Leipzig, Germany
Date of Death: Dec 8, 1989
Focus: Painter
Art movement: Tachism, Lyrical abstraction
Nationality: German-French

Famous Hans Hartung Artwork

Hans Hartung Biography

Hans Hartung (1904 – 1989) was a modern painter who’s work aimed to portray emotions rather than the visual world. Sometimes these emotions were disturbing. His work was banned in his native Germany when the Nazis came to power. He did not start painting until he was 18 but he was a quick learner. He worked in oils, pastels, watercolor and lithographic prints.

Hartung was born in Leipzig, Germany. Accepted to the University of Leipzig, he studied philosophy and art history. He took art classes at the art Academies of Leipzig, Dresden and Munich. He travelled to many European countries to study art. He hated the Nazis. He had to leave Germany completely in 1935. He joined the French Foreign Legion during World War II and lost a leg in 1944. By 1947, he had his first solo exhibition. He lived in France for the rest of his life.

Hartung titled his works by numbers instead of words. One of his best known works is the oil painting “T 1962-U4″ a complex work which looks somewhat like soft hair against a black and light blue background. Another well-known work is the stark “T 1996-9″, a series of dagger-like crosshatches in black and brown against a light background.