Hans-Peter Feldmann

Alternative Name(s):
Date of Birth: 1941
Place of Birth: D
Date of Death: -
Focus: Visual Artist
Art movement: Conceptual art
Nationality: German

Famous Hans-Peter Feldmann Artwork

Hans-Peter Feldmann Biography

Hans-peter Feldman (b. 1941) is a complex German artist who has had 30 solo exhibitions in Europe, Canada and America. He concentrates on making very precise and carefully constructed photographs. He also collects photographs to help him with his art. He is currently represented by 303 Gallery in New York and the Simon Lee Gallery in London. His work is in demand to a small but appreciative clientele.

Feldman was born during World War II in Dusseldorf, Germany. He grew up during times of destruction and deprivation. He trained in painting at the University of Industrial Arts and Design Linz in Austria. He started making books of his work in 1968. Although Feldman tried to retire from art in 1979, he re-entered art ten years later. He won the prestigious Hugo Boss Prize in 2010.

Feldman is best known for whole collections of images rather than single images. Perhaps Feldman’s most powerful work was a 2008 collection at the International Center of Photography of 100 newspaper front pages from around the world from September 12, 2001. The headlines were framed and filled a room. Another well-known work, this time a single image, is “One dollar bill with a red nose” (2012) of a clown nose drawn on an American dollar bill.