Jacek Yerka

Alternative Name(s): -
Date of Birth: 1952
Place of Birth: Torun, Poland
Date of Death: -
Focus: Painter
Art movement: Surrealism
Nationality: Polish

Famous Jacek Yerka Artwork

Jacek Yerka Biography

Jacek Yerka, a Polish painter born in 1952, is best known for his surrealistic renderings of fantasy landscapes. The son of two artists, Yerka enjoyed drawing and sculpting as a child. Growing up as a misfit who preferred to stay indoors and draw, Yerka satisfied high school bullies by drawing their portraits. Yerka did not intend to study as an artist; rather, he was considering medicine or astronomy. In the year prior to graduation he tried painting for the first time and was hooked. He changed his plans to study art and graphic design, with a specialization in printmaking, at Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun, Poland.

By 1980, Yerka was earning his living as a fine artist in Warsaw, Poland. His work was greatly influenced by Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, Jan van Eyck and related artists. The whimsical landscapes he created were surreal, yet reminiscent of Flemish realism, and filled with the fine details of Bosch. Much of his subject matter, which included not only landscapes but also strange animals and imaginative architecture, came from childhood memories.

Yerka’s work has been exhibited throughout the world, and is part of the permanent collections of several Polish museums. In 1995, he won the renowned World Fantasy Award for best artist, and in 2008, he was awarded an honorary paver placard by the city of Torun, Poland. He is currently living and working in the Polish countryside.