José Luis Cuevas

Alternative Name(s):
Date of Birth: Feb 26, 1934
Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico
Date of Death: -
Focus: Painter, Sculptor
Art movement: Mexican muralism, Generaci
Nationality: Mexican

Famous José Luis Cuevas Artwork

Jos Biography

Jose Luis Cuevas is a Mexican artist born in 1934 in Mexico City. He has been said to attribute his decision to create art to the fact that he was born in a pencil factory and paper mill. Cuevas began his pursuit of art at an early age; at only 10 years old, he began studying art at The National School of Painting, Sculpture, and Printmaking in Mexico City, before dropping out due to illness. Deciding to abandon the prospect of schooling to pursuit his own artistic ends, Cuevas represented a break with Mexican Muralist painters at the time. Deeply outspoken about the influence these artists had from the Mexican government and their ties to the propaganda cycle in the country, he gained the nickname of Mexico’s “Bad Boy.”

As a member of the Rupture Generation, he established the groundwork for a generation of artists that criticized the Mexican Muralists while championing the creation of Art for purity’s sake and not monetary gain. Cuevas’ paitings and drawings generally feature a dreamlike quality of transformation; he often depicts humans morphing into animals or taking on animal-like qualities. Facial distortion is very common among his pieces, and he tends to portray his subjects from a dark, fragmented, and fantastical viewpoint. His series Funeral of a Dictator, for which he won both the International First Prize for Drawing and the First Prize at the S