Lee Krasner

Alternative Name(s): -
Date of Birth: October 27, 1908
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Date of Death: June 19, 1984
Focus: Painter
Art movement: Abstract Expressionism
Nationality: American

Famous Lee Krasner Artwork

Lee Krasner Biography

Lee Krasner, a painter in her own right, is often associated with the man who became her husband, Jackson Pollack. However, she knew she would become an artist at a young age, and by 1926 had enrolled in Cooper Union, then called Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science. Transferring to the National Academy of Design, her painting career began. By then it was the Depression, and she worked at various jobs while going to art school at night. She was eventually able to gain work as a full time artist for the WPA’s Federal Art Project, the FAP; Krasner was then able to work on large scale murals, like many other artists of the time.

Early influences were the dark images of Giorgio De Chirico and the artist Joan Miro. With enrollment in the Hans Hoffman School of Art, she began to paint more abstracted images. Although she felt the abstract work of Mark Rothko was somewhat hard edge, the art of Henri Matisse beckoned to her. She later used cutouts of her own paintings to form collage and combined calligraphic forms into her works. Her all-over technique of covering the canvas with floral references evolved.

Krasner’s 1945 marriage to Jackson Pollack brought a period when her work was eclipsed by that of her husband. She helped manage his career but was able to begin her “Little Image” series, a body of work that was exhibited in 1955 to critical praise.

After the 1956 death of Pollack, she took time off from painting, then began to work in a larger scale. She later developed the Pollack-Krasner Foundation to help working fine artists.