Max Dupain

Alternative Name(s):
Date of Birth: Apr 4, 1911
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
Date of Death: Jul 27, 1992
Focus: Photographer
Art movement: Modernist
Nationality: Australian

Famous Max Dupain Artwork

Max Dupain Biography

Max Dupain was a vital piece of Australian culture from the 1930s until his death in April 1992. He rose to fame as a contemporary photographer who was adept at taking photography to an artistic level, which was rare in Australia at that time. Indeed, his famous photo called Sunbaker at Bondi became an icon that enjoyed worldwide recognition.

Dupain believed strongly that Australia should pursue its own culture of photography, and not listen to outdated ideas about style or content. He wanted his country to preserve its rich cultural heritage through pictures, while also incorporating new techniques of imaging. However, more than a few of the debates that Dupain started were highly controversial.

In the 1950s, Dupain became interested in photographing architecture and fostered working relationships with several prominent architects, most notably Harry Seidler. During his architectural phase, Dupain received his highest recognition and success.

Later, as his preferred style of camera shots became outmoded, Dupain continued his outspokenness in the Australian art world. He played an enormous role in the acceptance of photography as a recognized form of art, and remained an outspoken voice for photography organizations in Australia throughout his final days.