Thomas Hickey

Alternative Name(s):
Date of Birth: 1741
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Date of Death: 1824
Focus: Painter
Art movement: -
Nationality: Irish

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Thomas hickey Biography

Thomas Hickey was an Irish painter born in Dublin in 1741. His brother, John, who was fifteen years younger, was a talented sculptor. Thomas Hickey studied drawing and painting at the Royal Dublin Society, where he began painting portraits in chalk and won many prizes throughout his youth. Hickey was best known for painting portraits and he traveled frequently, visiting England, Portugal, Italy, and even India. While in Italy, Hickey began work on an impressive series of oil paintings.

While the young Hickey’s work was promising, he found it tough to exhibit his art and find patrons in Dublin and moved to London, where he regularly exhibited work at the Royal Academy. Hickey then set out for a voyage to India on a ship that was captured by the French and he was stranded in Lisbon, Portugal. However, as fate would have it, Hickey was commissioned for a vast amount of portrait work while stranded in Portugal, and he remained there for several years. Hickey finally made it to India, where he remained for seven years, writing a book and painting portraits of local British officials and their wealthy friends.

Hickey’s travels eventually brought him back to England for a short time before embarking on a voyage to China with Lord Macartney’s in 1792. He returned to India again in 1798 and painted a series of portraits of British officers and Indian soldiers. Hickey is considered one of the most important Irish artists of the 18th century.